Merve Otçeken “What Can I Do About Crisis Management? Dealing with Loss of Control” Online Discussion

Implemented by the Association of Journalists and funded by the European Union, Media for Democracy/Democracy for Media Project (M4D) hosted Psychologist Merve Otçeken at its online discussion. Entitled “What Can I Do About Crisis Management? Dealing with Loss of Control”.

M4D Project Director and Association of Journalists Vice Chair Yusuf Kanlı gave the opening speech and stated that the activities of the Association of Journalists Press-House will now continue online, due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak. Psychologist Merve Otçeken talked about many topics on mental health, working from home and COVID-19. Emphasizing the importance of staying in touch with loved ones and eating healthy, Otçeken discussed about working from home and how a decrease in productivity is very understandable give the current circumstances. The online discussion was attended by many people, after Otçeken gave her speech she held a Q&A with the audience. Many of the questions focused on dealing with stress during COVID-19, family problems, and issues regarding working from home. People in the audience voiced their appreciation for Otçeken’s advice and setting their minds at ease during these trying times.