M4D National Committee Members Meet Online

Media for Democracy, Democracy for Media (M4D) Project has conducted its first online National Committee meeting. The meeting was attended by Chair of the Association of Journalists and National Committee Nazmi Bilgin, members Prof. Korkmaz Alemdar, Lawyer Tuncay Alemdaroğlu, Yusuf kanlı, Sedat Bozkurt, Sefa Özdemir, Nursun Erel and M4D Project managers. Main topics of the meeting focused on measures taken by the institution about the COVID-19 outbreak, future plans, assessing the current situation, events that had to be cancelled and reformulated due to the epidemic.

The National Committee also brainstormed about how to effectively conduct future online of the M4D Project, which is implemented by the Association of Journalists and funded by the European Union. Members of the Committee discussed applications made to “Press House Support Mechanism”, which opened up for application for the second time on 14 February, and other issues surrounding the Communication Strategy, and the Freedom of the Press- Monitoring and Evaluation Report. Other topics discussed in the meeting were about the 101 news articles published in 24 Saat Newspaper through the “Facility for Strengthening Freelance Journalists” support mechanism, which has been digitalized as the “9.Köy” magazine.