“Media of Turkey During the Pandemic” online conference registrations begin!

Implemented by the Association of Journalists and financed by the European Union, Media for Democracy/Democracy for Media is holding its second annual conference between 11-15 January.

The conference titled “Media in Turkey During the Pandemic” will bring together both journalists from Turkey and abroad, as well as representatives of professional organizations and media outlets. We will also be celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Association of Journalists which was founded on 10 January 1946, which is also Working Journalists’ Day, as part of the conference.

The conference will start at 14:00 on all days between 11-15 January. Participants will not only be able to watch the conference programme, but will also be given the opportunity to meet, interact and share their opinions with various actors and speakers partaking in the conference. After registering at https://m4d.dealroomevents.com/, participants will be able to view the profiles of all conference speakers via the Deal Room Events system, and directly interact with them.

What topics are going to be discussed in the conference?

11th January- On the first day of the conference, following opening speeches and messages of celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Association, the situation of journalists in Turkey and Europe during the pandemic and the political-economy of the media will be discussed. This will be followed by a presentation of M4D Project’s Annual Media Monitoring Report and the project’s activities throughout the year.

12th January- M4D Project’s Press House Support Mechanism call for 2021 will be announced live. This will be followed by an evaluation conducted by civil society organizations, embassies and support programmes contributing to the media field regarding important development issues of freedom of expression projects.

13th January- Legal changes that have occurred throughout the year regarding the media in Turkey will be discussed in three separate sessions by prominent actors in the field. Some of the main headings are: The Press Law and personal rights of journalists, public institutions and the media, and the new internet regulation.

14th January- This day has been reserved to discuss the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on the media, focusing on local press and mainstream media in Europe and Turkey. The final session of the day will focus on the agenda of journalists that are on trial or facing prison sentences.

15th January- On the final day of the conference, the Association of Journalists will announce the beginning of its new project “Young Journalists and Independent Media Project” which will be followed by a discussion on the future of Turkey-EU relations.

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